What Makes Shatter One of the Most Potent Cannabis Extracts

What Makes Shatter One of the Most Potent Cannabis Extracts

Shatter is an exotic cannabis extract not just because of its taste but it looks too. It’s a relatively new extract that gained popularity after 2010. This beautiful golden color cannabis extract is hard, glass-like translucent & one of the most potent cannabis in the market. For serious cannabis users, the shatter is a popular choice as it offers the best high.

If you are a big fan of concentrates, shatter could be your new favorite. For the first timers too, shatter is one of the best options.

What are Shatter concentrates?

Concentrates like shatter provide more powerful high than the flowers. Concentrates are a type of cannabis that has gone through an extraction process where THC and CBD are concentrated using a solvent.

Shatter is mostly used for recreational purposes and usually has high THC content. In shatter, the THC level can be as high as 80%. It can be used for medicinal purposes too where the CBD ratio is higher than THC.

Apart from shatter, wax, hash, kief, and budder are also a type of marijuana concentrate.

How Shatter is Made

Shatter is made through a process where the marijuana plant is placed in a container and solvent like CO2 or butane is used to extract the cannabinoids. It is important that the process is handled carefully as it is a highly dangerous process. Which is why CO2 is used for shatter making as it is safer and it uses more natural ingredients.

The resultant product has high concentration of THC in it. In fact, the THC level is higher than regular cannabis. Shatter is a glass-like and amber colored hash oil. It is then put through a purification process that removes elements like wax, fat, butane, terpenes and other things that are present in other concentrates. It also removes a lot of flavor from the concentrates leaving a stronger and more potent final product that is shatter.

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How Shatter is Used

Shatter is also known as dabs as dabbing is the most popular way of using shatter. A dab rig is required to smoke shatter where the specialized smoking device comes with a “nail”. The nail is nothing but a glass banger that is attached to a water pipe. A small amount of shatter is placed on the nail where it is heated using a handheld torch to heat it. When the nail is heated, shatter releases vapor which is inhaled by the user.

One of the best things about using shatter is that it is cleaner than the traditional form of marijuana. It doesn’t involve any combusted material which means the vapor is clean and without any contamination. High concentration of THC and clean vapor are the reasons why weed users are switching to concentrates like shatter.

As for the effects, a single hit of shatter dab will provide a more powerful high than an entire joint. With more than 80% THC level, it provides a high that many people love.

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Benefits of Using Shatter

While shatter is mostly used for getting high because of its high THC level, it is also used for other purposes like medical benefits. Here are some of the ways shatter is used for treating medical conditions:

  • Pain Management – Shatter can have a high level of CBD too. With high levels of both CBD and THC, it is highly effective in providing pain relief to people with chronic pain. It can be used for arthritis, back pain, migraines and other similar conditions.
  • Anxiety and Depression – Shatter is also used for treating mood disorders like anxiety and depression. It has a high CBD level too (depending on the product you buy), which is known to treat pain and relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

The Bottom-line

Shatter is one of the best cannabis extracts for people looking for the most potent high. It has a high level of pure THC in it which makes it so potent. You can buy shatter in Canada online. Buying high-quality shatter is important if you want to see the desired effects.

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